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    Tips For Choosing Foliage Plants For Home

    Choosing foliage plants for home can be a difficult choice. You have to choose carefully, because this plant has to endure intense heat, extreme cold, and many other conditions that you would not want your other plants to endure. One of the things you need to consider is whether or not you are going to need to put any water on them at all. Plants that are thirsty are much more likely to become stressed and die than plants that aren’t. These tips will help you pick the right plant for your home. First, you should determine how much water your plant needs. Some of the less common kinds of…

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    Foliage Plants For Office

    Choosing Foliage Plants For Your Office A lot of designers and interior decorators are using foliage plants for office decor in doctor’s offices, IT support offices, and school offices. The obvious reason is that they give an outside touch to the environment. But what can a furniture maker or a buyer see when they go out and look at various offices? The main factor in interior design is lighting. Lighting is also very important when it comes to choosing colors and plants. On the other hand, good lighting can be very overwhelming when you have a very dark room or an area with a lot of small lamps that are…