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    Caring For Foliage Plants

    Caring for foliage plants is just as important as the care of any of your other plants. The foliage plants are even more delicate than your standard grasses or flowers. To make sure that you and your foliage plant do not experience any damage, there are a few guidelines to follow. Many foliage plants require a very specific temperature in order to grow properly. When growing foliage plants, you should be aware of the temperature that they will tolerate and adjust accordingly. There are several methods to control the temperature. One method that I find to be most effective is to use a heat mat in the greenhouse. I find…

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    The Great Variety of Foliage Plants You Can Choose From

    Planting foliage plants in your garden is a great way to add color and interest to your garden. The main benefit of having these types of plants is that they are very colorful, adding excitement to your garden. The benefit is, in addition to this, is that the plants come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes that will add beauty to your garden. Types of Foliage Plants A few of the varieties of foliage plants that you will find include yucca, guava, ivy, almond, sage, cypress, palm, tulip tree, dogwood, elm, and other trees and shrubs. This wide variety will give you plenty of choices when it comes…